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Real DOCG people!


As we're local, we believe in Passion and Respect: Lake Como is our Home.
"May I offer you a coffee?!" 😉

Orizzonti was born in 2016 after years of traveling worldwide and experiencing local lifestyle.
We’ve been tourists and we’re still tourists. We love traveling, we love exploring, we love dreaming and we love making our dreams come true.

Here we are now! Designing the best experiences for whoever wants to discover Lake Como through our local eyes.

We first started with the organization of special events for local people: romantic sailing, night hikes, night cycling experiences, local tastings, kayaking…
Those events were open to public and also for tourists who were staying on our Lake.
We never really loved that Lake Como was known all over the world just for its western side and big villas and luxury hotels.
Well yes, of course! There’s so much beauty around those villas and hotels, but there’s so much more beside that!
This is why we decided to concentrate our events and tours on creative experiences to make people meet the other sides of Lake Como…
and discover different horizons we dare say.

Orizzonti is passion, enthusiasm, curiosity; Orizzonti is nature and tradition; Orizzonti is local food and historical dishes
yes, historical dishes and food that we don’t want to leave in memory, but we still want to eat.
Orizzonti is conviviality and unconventional experiences

Orizzonti is what real travelers are looking for! It’s a promise! 😉

Meet Our Team

Here we are! Real DOCG people! 😉

Read more about Mao, Isabella and Federica.

Orizzonti Lake Como

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