Boat tours

Lake Como is one of the best lake all over the world thanks to its blue water, its glacial shape,

its sourrounding mountains and stunning landscapes , its romantic villas build on its shores.

Lake Como is a special pearl in the North of Italy. Its geological history is so fascinating that you can see its signs all over, from its water to its shores, from its mountains to its rocky walls, from the minor lakes to waterfalls and caves.
You can find many Roman and Medieval signs and romantic villas from the XVIII – XIX Centuries lying on the shores. In the XVII Century Lake Como was a must-destination of Grand Tour, when young rich people used to travel all around Europe after their studies, looking for adventure and illuminism in art, history and romance.
The eastearn side of the Lake is renowned for its wilderness, nature, sport opportunities and charming borghi like Lecco, Pescarenico, Mandello, Varenna, Lierna, Malgrate, Bellagio, Corenno Plinio and many more…

This area offers beautiful hidden spots, clear bathing waters with clean beaches, stunning surroundings and magical sunsets that sometimes we can just see in our dreams.


What Orizzonti can do for you?!

  • organize boat tours for groups / big groups / romantic couple
  • with or without a tourist guide
  • with food & drinks on board (manly finger food)
  • daytime / nighttime
  • party on board? …why not!
  • corporate meetings

Call us and we will organize everything for you! 😉