Why us?

• We are locals and we were born in Lecco

• Enthusiasm, passion and curiosity: we have them all!

• Research and cooperation with The Excellence

• We offer experiences that involve all your 5 senses

Hidden secrets that you won’t find alone

Food Experiences: the opportunity to taste locally grown food

Events and Tours

Events, Tours and Experiences for tourists and local people on Lake Como and its beautiful surroundings learn more

Assistance Info+

Tourists Meeting Point in Malgrate: a 3-brands partnership

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Extra Services

A wide range of services for tourists: rental, tours, water sports, trekking, art holiday, restaurants and much more
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We invite people to meet our homeland, to free their mind and start looking at different Horizons. We hold the key to open these horizons and we’re here to share them with you.
Orizzonti organizes events and tours for incoming tourists and local people; we welcome them with a full cup of experiences. We are leaders in creating instant emotions where passion and respect are the focus of our perspectives.

“Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes” (Marcel Proust)

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